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At K-F Financial, many of our clients are those who are currently having, or who will soon experience, a transition in their life. This includes retirement, the loss of a spouse, a new job or relocation. To us, transition means change, an opportunity for reassessment and renewal and the need to make new decisions.

We are qualified to help you successfully navigate whatever transition you are experiencing and to help you achieve your goals and dreams. We work with clients to design our services to help manage their financial resources through every situation that life brings, both planned and unplanned.  


Planning for retirement
Financial freedom in retirement
A new job
Death of a spouse
Layoffs; downsizing

                                        Financial Planning

As your wealth grows, life doesn't get simpler - it gets more complex!  You may be asking yourself questions such as:

What am I working toward?
What steps should I be taking?
Am I making progress or not?
How will I know when I'm there?
Who can help me get there?

The Financial Planning process will help you answer these questions.  If you don't currently know the answers, then you should.  We can help!

Comprehensive Approach

K~F Financial utilizes a comprehensive approach which will help you to understand how each decision you make will affect the interrelated areas of your finances.  Three of the largest areas that we focus on are:

                                        Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is the process of setting retirement goals, estimating the income needed to meet those goals, and identifying the sources from which the necessary income may be generated. The role of our wealth management team in this process is to design a plan that is consistent with your retirement goals and designated resources.

Important questions for you:

Are you concerned about when you can retire and how much money you will need to do so?
Are you aware of the best Social Security strategies?
Do you know how to get the most out of your retirement investments?
Is your current financial game plan up-to-date?
Will you outlive the money you have or will your money outlive you?

                                        Investment Management

Our wealth management team will work with you to clearly define  your goals and objectives, and to develop a custom investment strategy that includes a careful understanding of your liquidity needs and tolerance for risk. With your goals and objectives in mind, our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your current investment portfolio, determine strategic ways to enhance your portfolio and recommend specific adjustments in order to potentially improve your overall performance.

We will work with you to develop a customized personal investment strategy, because you deserve a unique plan that specifically meets your financial objectives. Through a collaborative effort that includes the regular review and periodic reevaluation of your portfolio, we will develop an investment strategy that includes a combination of short-term, mid-term, and long-term solutions to your objectives.

Types of Investments

Traditional Investments:

Stocks, Bonds, Options and Cash
Index Funds, Mutual Funds, and ETFs 
Fixed, Indexed and Variable Annuities

Alternative Investments:

Structured Products
Direct Investments (Non-Traded REITs, Equipment Leasing, Oil & Gas Programs)
Hedge Funds

                                        Risk Management

An optimized risk management strategy is an essential component of comprehensive financial planning. As you encounter both the expected milestones (like getting married, having children or buying a home) and the unexpected difficulties (like an accident, illness or disability) that shape your life's journey, an optimized risk management strategy can help to protect your assets as you continue to pursue your financial goals and objectives.

Our Philosophy of Risk Management

As an integrated component of our services strategy, Risk Management may be the most often misunderstood by consumers. The fact is that not everyone needs life insurance, or disability income insurance, or even long-term care insurance.

At K~F Financial, we view Risk Management as a two-step process:

1. Identifying the risks that may exist
2. Determining a strategy to help mitigate those risks.

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